Crocodile Dentist Biting Hand Game

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Crocodile Dentist have been a very popular kid’s game originally published by Milton Bradley. If you are one of those ’90s kids, you might have known this way before. Back in early 90s, it was considered as one of the best-selling games. The original creator of the game is Robert Fuhrer — a game designer. From this, eventually, it is the leading entity into creating other games such as Dragonfly, Gator Golf and others which are also popular nowadays.

How to Play the Crocodile  Dentist?


This game is intended for kids with ages 4-7. In this chance game, a good number of kids can play at one. With this game, the goal is to pull the plastic teeth out from the crocodile toy’s mouth. Using pliers, each kid will try to carefully pull a tooth. If they happen to pull out the sore tooth of the crocodile, the mouth will snap shut. Then, it will charge towards to whoever have pulled out the sore tooth. The person who gets to identify the sore tooth is the loser of the game. Although the toy is physically harmless, the pliers were added in the later period of the game development. This is to ease fears about hurting the players and they have also restored the original phase of the crocodile dentist’s lunging motion.

On the other hand, the travel version of the Crocodile Dentist have a slight difference with the former. Instead of pulling the crocodile’s teeth out, the player will have to push the teeth down into its gum.


It has been long since the release of Crocodile Dentist. The toy became an instant classic and became one of the most highest-selling games during the holiday season in the year 1991. It even remained as high-seller afterwards.

There are several commentators that have included the crocodile toy in their list of strangest new toys available. In a 1993 episode of The Price is Right, the travel version of the Crocodile dentist was involved in the featured blooper. Crocodile Dentist even became as one of the small prizes of a pricing game, Pathfinder. Main characters were also seen playing the game in the series Men Behaving Badly. Other than that, it has been featured in a lot of series as well.

Crocodile DentistDuring its development phase, it went through a number of changes. Bob, together with his technicians, were told to alter the speed. And as well as the length of the crocodile toy for it to not cause any eye injuries. In addition, a pair of pliers was also added later to put down the fear for the children in getting their fingers hurt. However, in the end, the testers of the game have realized that with all the changes, the toy seemed to lack excitement, but they choose to keep the pliers.

The game has been released since 1991 under Milton Bradley followed by a travel version back in 1993, but has then been discontinued for awhile. Fortunately, it came back and is now being produced by Winning Moves.

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