9 Funny Comments by Our Contestants During Shopkins Season 6 Giveaway Contest

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During our Shopkins Season 6 Giveaway Contest, we elves Nico and Yana, had more than 300+ comments to review. So with this number, funny or witty comments can’t be avoided. We have censored the names of the contestants to protect their privacy but most of them, we guess, just really want to entertain us guys so we allow it and I hope you guys enjoy reading some of our contestants who aim to entertain us.

Shopkins Season 6 Giveaway Contest Funny Comments

#1 Woah! I guess Cheese Kate just got a new hang-out Partner? Oh Rudolf! we should have known, we’re going to update the database.



#2 Now I wonder if Cheese Kate loves Pumpkin Spice Latte?



#3 Yikes! >_<



#4 Totally, a very enjoyable hobby to have. I guess, Chef Dolly Donut makes it together with a Partner Chef Donut 😉


#5 Well, who knows? She might.


#6 Oh Rudolf! I guess I know now who’s Dolly Donut’s partner Chef.







#7 It looks like that Dolly Donut likes to play and tea.


#8 Also, she likes hiding too! Come out, come out wherever you are!!



#9 Ohh! This auto correct sucks big time.


It’s not always about victory. Sometimes, it’s giving others more chance and entertaining them at the same time. Also, don’t worry if you failed, there will always be more chances of winning every month! So stay tuned here at Toy Box Chest for another Shopkins Season 6 Giveaway Contest.

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