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Halloween is now just lingering around the corner. The tradition has originally been from the North Americans and had now spread throughout the globe. Everyone seems to celebrate the event by buying decors for their houses, costumes or even watching Halloween movies to feel the tradition. Not just that, this event definitely makes the kids’ merry for it involve toys. And with toys, there are a lot of kinds that you can think of. You can be innovative by making costumes or look through online for inspiration. In this time of the year, wide range of toys are laid out as parents tend to bring their children to shop in toy stores. Since Halloween is near, have you already thought about what to buy for yourself or your family? Check out the following as we are laying out the trendy Halloween treats this year 2016.

Halloween Costumes

We can start off with the costumes. The common problem of people who party during Halloween are costumes, or even with what the kids to wear as well. And even pets are part of the celebration as there are available costumes costumed for them. Do you want to know the best costumes you can get for Halloweens? Well, here they are:

Star Wars Costumes


There are a lot of Star Wars characters and even pets get to have their own character. The top picked Star Wars costumes are Kylo Ren for men, Princess Leia women, Rey for girls, Ewok for pets and still Kylo Ren for boys.

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Classic Costumes

classic halloween costumes

These costumes are random. You can be a doctor, pirate, fireman or a witch. If you are into this area, then you can be what you want to be.

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Superhero Costumes

superhero costumes

Everyone dreaming to be a superhero can become one on Halloween. You can be the flash, joker, cat woman or wonder woman. You get to portray the superhero that you like.

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Disney/Pixar Costumes


Of course, who can forget the Disney characters? It kind of became part of everyone’s childhood. Most of the trendy Disney characters for Halloween are Toy Story characters and as well as Finding Nemo’s. Children are very ecstatic about having to wear the characters that they often see in Disney movies.  

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Halloween Treats

Apart from costumes during Halloween, there are also a lot of variety that you could as well get, such as Halloween treats, candies, accessories, toys and more.    


Candies are definitely on top of the list of what-to-buy during Halloweens. Kids tend to room around their neighborhood to ask for treats which are candies and sweets. These Halloween treats would definitely make the kids go merry. The best candies and sweets that we think are the best treats are:

  • M&M’s Variety Mix Chocolate Candies
  • Take5 Snack Bars
  • Twix Halloween Chocolate Bar Candies
  • Hershey’s Assorted Sweets
  • Snickers Pumpkin Candy Bars


For accessories, you can start with the masks. If you do not feel like having a full character costume, then you can get Halloween masks instead. The top picks for these masks are Michael Myers, Darth Vader, The Chainsaw Massacre and a whole lot more.


spooky-toys halloween treats

For kids, not all may not like spooky toys, but there are toys which most of them would love to have during Halloween. You can get them toys that are cartoon characters turned into Halloween characters. Or you may buy them ghost plastic toys, the jack-o-lantern or Halloween plush toys.

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