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It’s finally September 26! Guess what’s up today? Oh yeah, it’s in the title itself: The Three Lucky Winners of Shopkins Shoppies Giveaway!

We have randomly picked three winners for each contest. We have considered any comment as long as it had “I want one” on it. But we made sure that the winners also reacted to the post; liked the page; and lives in United States. So some were disqualified who were supposedly picked by our random number generator because they have not followed every step to enter the giveaway contest.

Anyway, let’s not make the wait any longer.

Congratulations, you have won Jessicake Joel Abreu!

For Bubbleisha, you won it Michelle Cahill!

Last but not the least, the Popette winner is Carrie Osborne Parker!

To all the winners, please contact us through Facebook so we can ship the toys to your place through Amazon. It would be lovely to take a selfie once you’ve received the toy. Enjoy your toys winners!

Almost won the Shoppies?

Don’t worry! We will keep giving you toys EVERY MONTH so make sure you have joined our giveaway contest and stay tuned in!

Date Published: September 26, 2016

UPDATE: All Winners Have Finally Received their Prizes!

Remember that Shoppies Shopkins Giveaway Contest Last Month? The winners received their toys already and here they are.


Daughter of the Jessicake Shoppies Winner. Joel Abreu’s daughter. Received the Shopkins on October 11 2016.

Sophia Leigh

Daughter of the Bubbleisha Shoppies Winner. Michelle Cahill’s daughter. Received the Shopkins on October 11 2016.

Lilly Godbee

Daughter of the Popette Shoppies Winner. Carrie Parker’s daughter. Received the Shopkins on October 20 2016 due to unfortunate events.

Again, congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating our events and confirming the arrival our giveaways.

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Date Published: October 21, 2016

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