Grossery Gang Characters

Grossery Gang Characters Has Arrived!

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You may not believe me, but the Grossery Gang characters are here! But first, what is Grossery Gang? These gross but adorable new characters from Moose Toys are all about the moldy grocery items you can find around in your house or inside your fridge. Grossery Gang is similar to the Trash Pack, with a little spin off of Uggly Pets, but they’re more likely to be a grocery that got rotten off.

Most of the featured Grossery Gang characters are based on rotten groceries. They are greasy, moldy and they are unpleasant. Some of the characters from Grossery Gang have funny looking face, mostly with green slime all over their faces. Big buck teeth like Shoccoli and wonky eyes! Grossery items has different kinds of rarity. From common, rare, ultra-rare, and special edition.

In addition, you can collect over 150 rotten and moldy based Grossery characters. The hype is making little kids excited even grown-ups who likes to collect this such gross but adorable characters. Grossery Gang was released last June of 2016. All of the characters have unique design on their own, like Awful Apple, Awful Waffle, Bad Soy, Barf Bagel, Barf Biscuit, Burnt Bbq Sauce, Burp Rito, and Cauli Fouler.

Grossery Gang Characters


The actual toy of the Grossery Gang are most likely to be as the size of the Shopkins toy. Also have you ever thought what would you like to get? Well, you can choose from different steamy play sets and compelling packs! For example, Crusty Chocolate Bar pack has 2 Grosseries inside. Plus, you wouldn’t know which characters are inside till you open it.

There’s this Soda Can that has 4 Grossery Gang characters inside, but you can see what the characters you get from this pack. Lastly the Mushy Slushie Collector Cup with exclusive type of Grosseries.

To view all the Grossery Gang characters, click here!

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