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FREE SHOPKINS SEASON 6 GIVEAWAYWanna win a FREE Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club, 12 Pack? YES FREE, you heard it right! Let’s see if you DESERVE it first  We wanna know how much you know Shopkins Season 1-5. Feeling excited? Quiz will start on Monday @ToyBoxChest Facebook Fan Page! (Oct 17-28)

We are giving away 5 SHOPKINS SEASON 6 CHEF CLUB, 12 Pack to 5 LUCKY WINNERS and will be asking questions about Shopkins Season 1-5 Characters which can be found here:…/get-know-shopkins-characters.h…

The first person to answer correctly and followed instructions will get 10 entries, the rest will have 1 entry each, meaning that one person gets more chance of winning.

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