Shopkins Season 6 12 Pack

What to Expect on Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club 12 Pack

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Excited to know what’s inside the Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club 12 Pack that you might win on our Shopkins Contest? Good thing our friend Toy Shop has given us a review on what to expect with the toys inside.

Two Hidden Shopkins and Recipes


Inside the box we have all the Shopkins we can have in Season 6 and lots of recipes. All of the Season 6 Shopkins has barcode underneath the toy or behind the toy. You can download the app and scan the barcode. How cool is that?

Here are the 12 Shopkins introduced by our friend Toy Shop:

Know that, not all Shopkins Season 6 12 Pack have these Shopkins. It differs per pack. But anyway, here are some of them.

Sam Soy is the first character that is shown by our friend Toy Shop in the video. Know Sam Tsui, well in Shopkins we have Sam Soy! A very adorable small bottle of soy sauce with lovely smile on his face. He is also carrying a tiny pair of chopsticks.

Choc-E-Tubs is a small tub of chocolate! It has melting chocolate bar dripping down on top of his head.

Cane Sugar is the tiny pink and purple box filled with tiny bits of sugar.

Small Fry Fan is a tiny red fry pan with a fried egg on it. He is also a Special Edition Shopkin. If you soak him in warm water he changes his color, from red to pink! And if you soak her to cold water he goes back to his original color which is red. Isn’t it exciting?

Wilbo Whipped Cream he is a can of whipped cream. He looks simply adorable in purple and white!

Charlie Cheese is a tiny squares of bright yellow cheese. He looks cute with his shocked face!

Strawberry Top is a small pink basket full of tiny strawberries. She is simply gorgeous in pink!

Sweetcorn is a tiny can full of bright yellow corn bits!

Choc Chips is a tiny pink bowl of chocolate chips. She is such a cutie pie!

Bethany Broccoli is a vibrant green broccoli! She looks so happy with her cheeky face. And she looks like she has a crazy hairdo!

What to expect on Shopkins Season 6? This season, all the Special Edition Shopkins do change color when soaked in warm water and it will go back to its original color when soaked back to cold water! Isn’t it fun?

In addition, most of the Season 6 characters consist of food. What’s more is that this season is kind of exciting because you’ll get a recipe card inside the surprise box which shows you what you will need to collect in order to make a certain recipe Season 6 recipe character. Isn’t that exciting?! Also, on the other surprise box you will get a recipe Shopkin characters like Parmesan Pete and Apple Pie for example.

Tune in for more Season 6 Character Updates!


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