Toy Box Chest September Fever

Toy Box Chest September Fever!!!

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The BER months has arrived! The elves are starting to pack your gifts for the upcoming halloween and x-mas seasons. Yea, you heard it right, halloween, the international cosplay day we will all enjoy.

I, Nico the Elf, will lead the group of elves and I’d like you to hear some GOOD NEWS which is a result of your continued support in this website. Let’s start with, good news #1!


Santa has noticed that he has listed more nice kids than naughty kids these days. So he decided to get MORE elves to wrap gifts for children and for children at heart. This is all because of you guys! Thanks a lot, now I have more companions to work with!

#2 GAMES!!!

Finally! As you all have wished! We have added games for you to enjoy and guess what? We’ve prioritized the DRESS-UP games! You could have been thinking:

“Hmmmm… what’s gonna be my next dress to buy for Jessicake? I wonder what.”

Now, you don’t have to worry because you can simulate their clothes here and find your perfect clothing combination for your favorite Shopkins Character. Thanks to 4j who allowed us to embed the games from their website.

Well, of course, not only Shopkins. We have not forgotten you like Monster High too, don’t you? We will also be adding MORE games in the future.

#3 CARTOON WEBISODES w/ summary!

Is your kid addicted to the Shopkins series but you don’t know anything about it so you cannot reply something related to the topic? Well, things would be easier for you now I guess.

You could just read the whole summary of an episode and learn every detail about that episode. No need to spend every second watching the whole video.

#4 The Grossery Gang Character Page

Last month, it was the Shopkins page. Now? We also have the Grossery Gang character page with all the information in the internet about them! No need to research, the elves have done it for you!


Excited for Season 6? When it will arrive? Of course, we keep you informed. Our best reindeers have traveled across the world just to know when will Shopkins Season 6 arrive. Yep, this is all because of you. Vixen, our second favorite reindeer due to being the most graceful, has spied the Shopkins factory and heard that it might be here on October!!!

Yes, you heard it right! We also thought it would be coming this December but thanks to Vixen, our hopes went up that we’ll have them on October.

The Toy Box Chest team thanks you all for your continued support. Please don’t forget to bookmark our website, LIKE our Facebook page, leave your comments below, and share this news with your friends!


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