Monster High Manicure Game

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This is an online Monster High Manicure Game that you can play. If you are one of the popular, it is always good to check you have wonderful nails. This game will help you decide what nail polish is nice to use. In high school, nail style or nail polish is a big deal! Everyone will love your style and make you feel part of the cool group.


Certainly, if you are very popular in school, you’ll have to make sure that you look good every day.  Moreover, this game also brings you with a lot to choose from. You can choose from different shape of nails that you wanted to. Also, there are 3 different sets of nail polish.  In the first row, you choose from 6 different design of nail polish you want to put on your character’s nails.


In the second row, there are 6 plain colored nail polish.  How about in the third row there are also 6 spotted nail colored polish.This is a wonderful game, because you can also put accessories on the character’s hand like rings and bracelet. Play this game and discover other surprises that awaits you!

Monster High Manicure Game Polish Set

Monster HIgh Manicure GameMonster HIgh Manicure GameMonster HIgh Manicure Game

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