Shoppies Jessicake Dress Up Game

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It seems that all the girls all over that world loves dress up! And guess what, Jessicake has a game that is easy to play. Shoppies Jessicake Dress Up Game was based upon the idea of dressing up Jessicake on how you think what dress suites her the best. In addition, there are a lot of options you can choose to put on her, bags, stockings, shoes that you can inter change colors.

There is also a face expression option where you can select that goes appropriately with the style of dress you picked for her. You can choose from two backgrounds from the game too! How exciting is that?! The hair options have too many colors to choose from, also you can put streaks to her hair. That you wish you have them too!

There are about 8 colors you can try out! Moreover, you can pick a blouse and skirt or just a dress for her. The background music of this game is a bit catchy, you’d catch yourself nodding off while you’re enjoying playing this wonderful game. Shoppies Jessicake Dress Up Game is so inviting, girls of all ages will definitely gonna love this game! Why don’t you try and discover it yourself, there are more that awaits you!

But ever wonder who is Jessicake? She is one of the original Shoppies that was released back in 2015. She has a fair skin tone, with bright blue eyes and hair pulled into a larger curled ponytail. She also wears pink striped top with magenta ribbon and a blue pleat skirt with white, fuchsia, and yellow sprinkles. Her pink shoes have a cherry shaped hell and a blob of cream. Jessicake is wearing a pink headband that has a red ribbon design, cherry, cupcake and a blob of cream. Check more about her: Shoppies Jessicake

Shoppies Jessicake Doll

Shoppies Jessicake Dress Up Game Shoppies Jessicake Dress Up GameShoppies Jessicake Dress Up Game

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