Top Trumps Shopkins Game

Top Trumps Shopkins Game

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Introducing the Top Trumps Shopkins Game. Top Trumps creates educational games for children such as their Top Trumps card game and IOS games for iPhone, iPad, or iPad devices. We at Toy Box Chest had the  opportunity to review their Top Trumps Shopkins App Game for IOS. Let’s take a look at what is included in this fun game for the kids.

Top Trumps Shopkins Game

We reviewed this on an iPad 4 and and iPhone 6+. The game is reasonably priced at $2.99 in the Apple App Store. The application is very colorful, and the graphics are very appealing. It also has the audio that you would here on from the Shopkins videos. The application has 2 basic categories:  Activities and Games.  First we will take a look at the Activities that can be played on the app.

Check out the Shopkins Top Trump Game in the iTune Apple Store.


My Collection

My Collection is an area where you can go through the various Shopkins teams and review such things like “Fun Factor”, “Cuteness”, “Shopularity”, “Hobby Factor”, and “Top Trump’s Rating”. This is fun just to go through and see the various scores given to each category.

My Collection

My Collection Team

My Collection Character

Let’s Color

The Let’s Color section is a fun area where your kids (or adults) can color the various Shopkins from a pallet of colored crayons. It is something your kids will enjoy expressing their creative side. A couple of nice features include the option to print out the colorful Shopkins after the kiddos are done (assuming you have a printer hooked up to your IOS device), and it also offers the ability to save the colorful Shopkins character as a picture that can be shared online. This was one of the favorite areas for my 5-year old (he was the official “reviewer” of the application).





Next we reviewed the “Games” section of the application. The Games section includes 2 areas. The first area is the “Top Trump Story”, and the second is the “Memory” section.


Top Trump Story

This is a game that has progressive levels that allow you to add them to your collection as you complete the various levels. You are given 2 minutes to complete each level and it challenges you to pick a stat on your card to beat your opponent. You go through and try to figure out which stat (Fun Factor, Cuteness, Shopularity, Hobby Factor, and Top Trump’s Rating) is higher on your card or your opponent’s card. This part of the game was the one that was the most challenging for our official reviewer.


Top Trumps Story Rules

Top Trumps Story Levels


The memory game was our favorite part of the game. It is your classic memory game where you try to match the various pairs of Shopkins characters. It has three options for the number of cards. You can deal out 10 cards, 20 cards, or 30 cards. This game was the best part of the entire Top Trumps Shopkins game, and our officially reviewer was the reigning champion. It’s hard to compete with the memory of a 5-year old.






Overall, we really enjoyed the game. It is a solid game and provides a lot of fun, especially for the small price of $2.99. It does not have any annoying advertisements that pop up while you are playing, so that is also a plus. The favorite parts of the game for our officially reviewer were the Memory game and the Let’s Color sections. This is a great game for all Shopkins fans. We hope they keep it up to date with the new seasons of Shopkins so all of the characters are included in the new releases. We’ll see if the new characters from Shopkins Season 6 are included when it is released this holiday season.

A nice feature that could be added would be a section that has all of the lists of Shopkins by season so you could track your collectables, and be able to print and share the ones that you current have. It would also be nice to have a section that you are still looking to collect (a “In Search Of” list so you can use that to buy, trade, or swap online.

We hope you enjoyed our review of the Top Trumps Shopkins Game. If you happen to get the game, please let us know your thoughts as well in the comments section below.

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