Splashlings Episode 4

Splashlings Episode 4 Mer-Pirates of the Caribbean

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Check out the latest adventures of the Splashlings mermaids in the Splashlings Episode 4. Laila told the three Caribbean Mer-Pirates to back-off and that they could not take away the treasures they found. The three Mer-Pirates of the Caribbean led by Captain Black Jack told the three mermaids that they are there to help find the other treasures. While they were talking, Pasha went away and followed Penny Puffs to where Peeky Keen was, who would help them get to the next treasure. She told Peeky Keen that she does not trust the Caribbean Mer-Pirates. Captain Black Jack snatched the map away from Laila and told them that the next treasure can be located at Help Forest.

Splashlings Episode 4

Ava out of her carelessness, revealed that the next treasure is in the Golden Glow. The three Mer-Pirates upon hearing where to find the next treasure went away. So the three mermaids decided to find the next treasure before the Mer-Pirates do. Peeky Keen told them that he knows a short curt leading to the Golden Glow. In a short while, they got to where the Golden Glow. The shell opened and Holly Heartstone came out and told the three mermaids that she could help them see a person’s true nature. Unexpectedly, the three Caribbean Mer-Pirates surfaced and Holly Heartstone exclaimed that the pirates were not what they said they were. The Caribbean Mer-Pirates confessed that they lied and did not really come to help but to get the treasures.

Ava, Pasha, Laila and Holly Heartstone were taken aback when suddenly the bag which contained the treasure maps was snatched away by Captain Black Jack’s companion. In a twinkling of an eye, the Caribbean Mer-Pirates sped away to where the Golden Glow is. The trio cannot do anything but shout for help as they seemed stuck to where they stand glued as it were.

To be Continued…

Characters Featured in this Splashlings Episode 4:
The Three Mermaids, The Three Pirates led by Captain Black Jack, Peeky Keen, Holly Heartstone

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AvaHolly HeartstonePeeky Keen

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