Shopkins Tall Mall

Shopkins Tall Mall

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Moose Toys is coming out with a new Shopkins accessory call the “Shopkins Tall Mall”. It has a handle and areas to play and store your Shopkins. The first floor is the “Home and Garden” area where some of your Shopkins Fruit & Veg characters can hang out. The second floor of the Shopkins Tall Mall is the “Food Court” where anybody could hang out. You may find some of the Shopkins Sweet Treats, Fruit & Veg (cause they are so cool, they can go anywhere), Bakery, Frozen, Dairy, and Party Food characters getting their fill on the food court. Finally, the top floor is the “Petkins Parlor” that is the exclusive play area for your Shopkins Petkins characters. Although, we know all of the Shopkins Petkins characters are very friendly and would want all of the other Shopkins characters to come play with them on the third floor of the Shopkins Tall Mall.

Shopkins Tall Mall

A nice feature about this is the fact it can be used as both a play area for the Shopkins Characters and a carrying case for storage when they are not being used. It looks like each level on the Shopkins Tall Mall has a clear plastic door that can be closed for storage, and opened up for play time. This is great for kids as they play. When they are done, then can put all of their Shopkins Characters back in the Shopkins Tall Mall and carry everything with them!

It looks like this item will be a great addition for all of the children who love to play with their Shopkins characters. We are not sure at this time with the Shopkins Tall Mall will be making its debut. However, we will provide updates to this post, and on Facebook, when we have more information. Be sure to LIKE our page on Facebook to keep up on the latest news and information about Shopkins!

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