Shopkins Season 5 Team Overview

Shopkins Season 5 Team Overview

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Shopkins Season 5 Team Overview

Shopkins Season 5 Team was released at May 1st of the year 2016. This season brought with it some familiar teams such as Garden, Homewares, Bakery, and Sweet Treats. It also brought with them four new teams which are the Tech, Sport, Charms, and Music Shopkins.
Vital in the Shopkins world are the existence of each teams. Without them, the world of Shopkins wouldn’t be lively as it is now. So without further ado, let’s break ‘em down here.


Sports – New to the Shopkins Season 5 Team, this team is composed of sports-related shopkins/petkins such as Dennis Bat, Katie Skateboard, Bessy Baseball and a lot more. This shopkins are quite active more often than not.


Garden – Making its return from Season four,This team is composed of gardening tools and plants. Also included are typical items you can find in a garden such as Woody Wooden Chair, Penny Wishing Well, Freda Fern, and a whole lote more. This shopkins are very adventurous.


Music – This team is also a newcomer to the Shopkins world alongside Sports. This team is composed of musical instruments such as Fun Drum, Polly Piano, Tammy Tambourine, Hillary Harp and much more. They create quite the tune.


Homewares – This team of shopkins are based around the everyday appliances or objects found inside homes like Bertha Bath, Tiny Tissues, Lynn Lamp and many more.


Bakery – This team of shopkins/petkins are based around the items that you could buy on a bakery such as Dolly Donut, Linda Layered Cake, Mel T Moment and much more.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats – This team of shopkins/petkins are based on some candies and other foods that are sweet such as Cute Fruit Jello, Sprinkle Lee Cake, Ice Cream Kate and many more…

Check out and wait for more updates on shopkins…..

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