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Create Your Own Clay Shopkins

Soon you’ll be able to create your very own Shopkins with the Poppit mini clay creations! This brand new Shopkins activity pack allows you to create up to 12 clay Shopkins any way you like! Imagine all the possible custom Shopkins we have been waiting for and now we can design them ourselves! The high quality Poppit mini clay figures will surely spark the creativity of any Shopkins fan!

Inside the Poppit activity pack you’ll find: 4x Clay Colors, 4x Tubs, 8x Molds, 12x Plastic Pieces, 1x Popper, 1x Knife Tool, 1x Dropper, 12 pairs of eyes, 1x Pack of Sprinkles, Beads and Gems!

We currently have no release date for the Poppit Shopkins Activity Pack but it’s safe to assume they’ll be available sometime this summer, if the set takes off we can surely expect more custom molds, accessories and further ways to advance your very own Shopkins creations! Stay tuned.

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