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New month, new design! Meeting July with a BANG! We have made the website more colorful for you. To make you feel like you’re home, we’ve made our homepage more homely and lively for you. Visiting our website, means so much to us. Check out all the changes in our website! Let’s start with our homepage.

1. The Featured Slider

From now on, we will be sharing the newest and freshest updates on the the toys you know and love. We will also be introducing you to the latest and coolest toys on the market today. May it be your favorite Shopkins, Splashlings, Monster High, and many others.

2. A Better-Looking Category Section

We currently have 10 different categories consisting of: Shopkins, Monster High, Boys Toys, Girls Toys, Grossery Gang, Osmo, Stem Toys, Hot Toys of 2016, Toy Reviews, The Ugglys. More categories will be added to Toy Box Chest as time goes on.

For now, we still have a few posts on other categories but we will definitely be adding more to it whenever you visit our page. Invite your friends too, and let them know about Toy Box Chest as the best place to learn more about your favorite toys.

3. A Gallery of Our Most Recent Posts

A neat, new arrangement just for you. However, are you missing the old layout of toy box chest? No worries, just click on the See More button below the categories or Blog on the navigation bar and you’ll be back to the format that you are used to seeing.

4. Get to Know Your Favorite Shopkins!

“Oh Hey! They’re now clickable!?
Yes, you’re right! Definitely. You love autobiographies don’t you? Well, who’s your favorite Shopkins? Is it Apple Blossom? Cheeky Chocolate? Bubbleisha and the Shopkins Shoppies? Now you can finally get to know them better, and know their secrets!

“Hmmmm, I wonder what Apple Blossom’s favorites are.”
“Where can I see all of the Apple Blossom Cartoons?”
“Is Apple Blossom rare?”
“Which Team does Apple Blossom belong?”

Have you been looking for the right place to answer all of those questions of yours? Well, you are in luck! You came to the right place.

You may now see all of the information you’ll need for every Shopkins you love. Scroll below the page to see where you could even Buy Them!

The Toy Box Chest team thanks you all for your continued support. Please don’t forget to bookmark our website, LIKE our Facebook page, leave your comments below, and share this news with your friends!


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