Get to Know the Shopkins Characters

Get To Know the Shopkins Characters

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Get to know all Shopkins Characters from Season 1 to 5. Know them personally. Discover their secrets, their favorite food, their rarity, their team, watch their own youtube webisodes, or even find the best amazon toys here in Toy Box Chest! Click on the images below to view them.

Shopkins Characters for Season 1:

Season 1 Shopkins Characters
Most of your favorite Shopkins appear in Shopkins Season 1. It consist of 148 characters including Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, Lippy Lips and many more! Click on the image above and check it for yourself.

Shopkins Characters for Season 2:

Season 2 Shopkins Characters
Most of your favorite Shopkins Toys must be in here! It consists of 48 characters all in all. They don’t have their own webisodes yet but you may know them personally through their autobiography. Click on the image above and check them out!

Shopkins Characters for Season 3:

Season 3 Shopkins Characters
UPDATE: Season 3 Characters are now out! It consists of 30 Characters.

Shopkins Characters for Season 4:

Season 4 Shopkins Characters
UPDATE: Season 4 Characters are now out! It consists of 26 Characters.

Shopkins Characters for Season 5:

Season 5 Shopkins Characters
The latest and the freshest Shopkins Toys in the market appears in Shopkins Season 5. It consist of 25 characters all in all. Curious of who they are personally? Click on the image above to check them.

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  1. My nine year old sister said” I love shopkins so much it great fun and I used them on so many things like my food and my friends. They are so cute with their eyes and have a few collected. As soon as I get pocket money I am to the shops to buy more. They make me very happy”

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