Splashlings Episode 2

Splashlings Episode 2 – Underwater Mis-Adventures

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Splashlings Episode 2

In Splashlings Episode 2, a thunderstorm occurred the moment the three mermaids looked for the underwater treasure. However, there is some good news. Laila, the mermaid with black hair, has three sea horse friends to help them arrive to crystal cave quicker and safer. The moment they arrived to the crystal cave, they were struck in awe as they found the cave too beautiful. But the thunder struck and the sea horses ran in fear causing Ava to fall down to the cave. Now Pasha and Laila has to rescue their mermaid friend.

Pasha was sort of afraid to enter in the cave, but Laila being the most resourceful among the three and the most courageous found a sea shell which is a home of another sea creature. They knocked on the sea shell and so Flapsy, the dolphin open her sea shell door and tried to aid the two mermaids through guiding them in the crystal cave, since it’s where Flapsy lives, so she knows all the pathways in there.

Splashlings Episode 2
While they were strolling on the crystal cave, Laila found a shining special shell that she thinks that it might be shell that they were supposed to find in the treasure map. The moment Laila touched it, Serena Scepter opened her shell to aid the two mermaids in their adventure.
Laila and Pasha explained what happened to Serena and so Serena casted a spell through channeling a star with a magic light. However, unfortunate events really do happen. Instead of Serena helping the mermaids, the stars hit the icicles that caused the cave to tremble. The cave shook and they heard Ava’s voice from afar.

Splashlings Episode 2

Be sure to stay tuned to find out what happens…to be continued in Episode 3

Splashlings Featured in this episode:
Ava, Laila, Pasha, Flapsy, Serena Scepter

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Ava, Flapsy, Serena Scepter

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