Splashlings Episode 1

Splashlings Episode 1 – Welcome to Orabel

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Splashlings Episode 1

The tale of Splashlings starts in “Splashlings Episode 1” with the introduction of the 3 cheery and adventurous mermaids named Ava, Pasha and Laila. They are having fun playing with the slides at the Coral playground. Suddenly they receive a delivery from the Sea’s very own Mailman or SnailMan.

The mermaids each received different pieces of paper. They don’t know what to do with their pieces of paper.  They all look at each other and Pasha suggests that they should all put them together to see if that helps.  When they do, they realize it looks like a treasure map! Leaving the three mermaids wondering who sent them the treasure map in the first place.

Splashlings Episode 1

And a mysterious prophetic text in the map which says

“In the magical Kingdom of Orabel
Where many enchanted creatures dwell
Three mermaids must find five special shells in five different places
Along with new friends who make funny faces”

Ava figures out that the three mermaids are supposed to find the five special shells on the map. Pasha enthusiastically agreed that they should seek it out. Laila, then looks at the drawings and figures out that one of the drawings seems to say that there a shell found conveniently at the place where they just played Slides. The place was the Coral Playground, Pasha taking the lead this time knocking on the closed shell and asking if anybody was home.

Splashlings Episode 1

The shell opens, and a Clown fish with snail shell looking earphones comes out to greet the mermaids with a big smile and giggles at the mermaids. Pasha decides that they should call him “cLOLwny”. cLOLwny then speaks in “Clown fish”. Laila, who understands this language, interprets what cLOLwny is saying, and he is trying to warn them about the storm heading their way. Laila then shows her disappointment when she realizes her mistake reading the map. They were supposed to go to Crystal cave first. Ava noted that Crystal cave is really far and Pasha frantically says they have to find the a solution. Did they find the solution to the problem? We will find that out in the next episode.

To be continued in Episode 2

Splashlings Featured in this episode: 

Ava, Laila, Pasha, cLOLwny

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