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Something Two-Cute Is Coming From Moose Toys

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It was recently announced from The Mommy And Gracie Show Instagram page that there will be a new arrival from the creators of Shopkins revealed  May 28th! The Mystery toys labeled “Something Two-Cute” is coming! with blacked our photos of what appears to be some kind of animal dolls or characters? While we expect them to be announced on May 28th, we have no set release date as of yet.

UPDATE:  The “Something Two-Cute” from Moose Toys is the new, adorable Twosies toys. They are now available on Amazon (in stock starting June 28th)!

Shopkins Two Cute Mystery


We have heard anything from Petkins dolls, pets for the Shoppies, to something entirely new from Moose Toys.  The images definitely indicate some kind of animal collectible, one of them is a monkey while the other appears to have cat-like ears. The theme does indicate they will either come in pairs of two or there will feature two specific new characters.

Stay tuned as we break more news on the newest arrival from Moose Toys and be sure to check back here on May 28th once they are revealed!

Be sure to comment below on what you think the new mystery collectibles could be!

Something Two-Cute

Introducing Twosies

UPDATE!!!  We, we now know the new toys from Moose Toys is the adorable little Twosies. These new little toys are super cute.  They come in little pair in their own little pink shadow box. Each 2-pack comes with a cute list baby Twosies, and a little pet Twosies.  Here are some of the items that are already available for the Season 1 Twosies on Amazon:

This is the Twosies Season 1 Friends Pack on Amazon that includes:

  • 3 Babies
  • 3 Pets
  • 1 Collector Guide

Twosies Season 1 Friends Pack

This is the Twosies Season 1 Twogether Pack on Amazon that includes:

  • 6 Babies
  • 6 Pets
  • 1 Collector Guide

Twosies Season 1 Friends Pack Characters


Start collecting the new Twosies from Moose Toys. They are sure to be a big hit just like the Shopkins from Moose Toys!

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