Shopkins Season 5

Shopkins Season 5 Online

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Well, it appears the long awaited arrival of Shopkins Season 5 is upon us.  The Shopkins Season 5 products are starting to show up on We are not sure when all of the Season 5 products will be listed on Amazon, but they are started to show up there now. So, get ready to start working on your Shopkins Season 5 collection! Check out the new listings for Shopkins Season 5 online.

Shopkins Season 5

Shopkins Season 5 Online

Here are some of the products we are seeing for Shopkins Season 5 on Amazon.

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Shopkins Season 5 (12-pack)

The 12-pack includes a lot for the money

  • 1 Collectors Guide
  • 2 Petkins Backpacks (these are new for Season 5!)
  • 2 Shopkins Charms (these are new for Season 5!)
  • 12 Shopkins

Check availability of Shopkins Season 5 (12-pack) on Amazon

Shopkins Season 5 (30-pack)

The 30-pack include a ton of stuff

  • 30 2-pack of Shopkins
  • 60 total Shopkins per 30-pack case!

Check availability of Shopkins Season 5 (30-pack) on Amazon

More Information About Shopkins Season 5

The Shopkins Toys from Moose Toys have taken the toy collectors around the world by storm. They are arguably the most sought after collectible toy collection currently in production. While many collectors are still working on Shopkins Season 1, Shopkins Season 2, Shopkins Season 3, and Shopkins Season 4, the popularity of the toys will continue to raise the popularity of the Shopkins world.

Some of the new arrivals from Moose toys in Season 5 is the arrival of the Shopkins Petkins Backpacks!  These are a new arrival that is a nice upgrade from the current shopping bags to keep your shopping safe and organized. Another new and exciting arrival are the Shopkins Charm Bracelets that are coming out in Season 5. This will certainly be a hit with the kiddos that will be sure be a new fashion accessory to show off to all of their friends.

So, it appears Shopkins Season 5 will be be providing some new and exciting products to an already impressive lineup from the previous seasons. Be sure to get over to your big box stores early and often to see what Shopkins Season 5 has to offer. We are sure things will move fast. Be sure to check out Shopkins Season 5 online as well at and It is sure to be the most exciting Shopkins season thus far. Enjoy!

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