Shopkins Season 5 Character Gallery

Shopkins Season 5 Character Gallery

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Finally! Shopkins Season 5 has arrived.  Check out our Shopkins Season 5 Character Gallery to learn more about the new characters for Season 5. Click the pictures below to see all the characters available in season 5.

Bertha Bath

bertha bath

Bessy Baseball

bessy baseball

Connie Console

connie console

Creamy Cookie Cupcake

creamy cookie cupcake

Cute Fruit Jello

cute fruit jello

Dennis Bat

dennis bat

Dolly Donut

dolly donut

Fred Fern

freda fern

Grace Baseball Bat

grace baseball bat

Hillary Harp

hillary harp

Ice Cream Kate

ice cream kate

Jen Jug

jen jug

Katie Skateboard

katie skateboard

Linda Layered Cake

linda layered cake

Lola Roller Blade

lola roller blade

Lynn Lamp

lynn lamp

Mel T Moment

mel t moment

Penny Wishing Well

penny wishing well

Polly Piano

polly piano

Polly Teapot

polly teapot

Royal Cupcake

royal cupcake

Sprinkle Lee Cake

sprinkle lee cake

Tammy Tambourine

tammy tambourine

Tiny Tissue

tiny tissues

Woody Garden Chair

woody garden chair

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