History of Moose Toys

History of Moose Toys

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This article will tell you about the History of Moose Toys, which is one of the most successful toy companies worldwide. Moose Toys is a toy company in Melbourne, Australia. Their mission is toy design, development, and distribution. The company was founded in 1985 by Brian Hamersfield, and was later then acquired by Chief Executives Manny Stul, Jacqui Tobias, and Paul Solomon in 2001.

The Moose Toys Toy Company

History of Moose Toys

In 2013, Moose toys products was distributively moved directly into US retail by Co-Chief Executive, Paul Solomon. This collectible brand is called “The Trash Pack”.

In 2014, Moose Toys’ main office was relocated within a town, in a building, that has a basketball court, and a meeting room at the top of it built in beanstalk with walls that act as whiteboards. This place was claimed by Co-Chief Manny Stul as “first of its kind”. Moreover, Moose Toys employs 200 people in Australia, United States, Hong Kong, China, and United Kingdom. This toy company ranked 8th in the United States and ranked 4th in Australia in the said year.

In 2015, The United States’ Toy Industry Association and Toys “R” Us awarded Moose Toys as “Girls Toy of the Year”, for their product line Shopkins, and “Partner of the Year”, respectively. In the same year, Co-Chief Executice, Manny Stul was awarded as the “Ernest and Young Australia Entrepreneur of the Year”.

The history of Moose Toys continues to grow at a tremendous rate. Currently, their products are sold in over 85 countries all over the world. They are the 5th largest toy manufacturing company in Australia, and the 4th largest in United States.

Moose product lines also includes Mighty Beanz, Beados, Aqua Sand, The Trash Pack, Little Live Pets, and of course, Shopkins!

The Moose Toys Toy Company

Originally released in June 2014, Shopkins is a collectible toy manufactured by Moose Toys toy company. Each miniature toy was based on grocery store items. Shopkins character has a unique name, hobby, hang out, and BFF. Each is intended to create an emotional bond for the collector. Designated as common, rare, and ultra rare, Shopkins have also spawned a line of books and trading cards, as well as a Youtube Channel. Each new series of Shopkins combines 140+ characters with playsets and accessories. Last December 2015, there are already 420 individual collectible items and over 115 million Shopkins had been sold worldwide. The director of girls’ product, Jacqui Tobias was credited by Co-Chief Paul Solomon, her son, for the idea of Shopkins. Also, last December 2015, Gemma Stone, one-of-a-kind glass Shopkin, sold for $21,500 on ebay with all proceeds going to the Toy Industry Foundation.

A series of animated Webisodes were created for the ShopkinsWorld Youtube. So far, there have been over 20 Webisodes and they have gained over 30 million views. Shopkins was licensed by Moose for additional products through Bulldog Licensing in the United Kingdom, The Licensing Shop in the United States, and Merchantwise in Australia.

The first official Shopkins application was successfully released last October 2015. Fifty-one Shopkins licenses had been signed in North America last January, 2016, this includes apparel, construction, candy, games, and bedding. In that the same date, Shopkins partnered with McDonald’s released special edition Happy Meal toys.

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