Shopkins Collect And Connect Petkins Backpacks

Shopkins Season 5 Petkins Backpacks

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Shopkins Collect And Connect Petkins Backpacks

It looks like Shopkins Season 5  (on Amazon) WILL see the return of Petkins but in an entirely different form. Introducing the Petkin Collect & Connect Backpacks! Above you’ll see the first image of the Shopkins Season 5 Mega Pack which will include 20 all new Season 5 Shopkins plus 4 Petkins backpacks. It looks like the backpacks will be slightly bigger than all the other Shopkins allowing you to carry 1 Shopkin per backpack!

From the picture above we also learned that there will be a new SPORTS TEAM which will include a tennis racket, baseball, a mitt and many more! We also see an all new wishing well Shopkins! Which team will it be on? We can’t wait to find out. The picture above was first posted on Facebook and than made its way across Instagram and other social media outlets. We are unsure what store this came from but we were told they are in fact not available for sale yet, but are expected out sometime in May.

What do you think of Shopkins Season 5 and the Petkins Collect and Connect Backpacks so far? Be sure to comment and tell us below!

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