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Shopkins Season 5 – Charms And Bracelets Included in Packs!

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shopkins season 5 bracelets and charms

News on Shopkins Season 5 is starting to come out. The word is that Shopkins Season 5 Packs are coming with NEW charms and bracelets they attach to! 

5-Packs will include a bracelet with 1 Charm
12-Packs will include no bracelet with 2 Charms

The Shopkins Season 5 Charms come in various packs of Season 5 and will be reprints/ retro shopkins from Season 1 and 2 that are no longer available with new colors. There will be 35 charms to collect in all that will attach to the bracelets. They are slightly different in size of a normal Shopkin as well.

The clock is ticking…a reported release date has Shopkins Season 5 coming as early as May!

UPDATE: It seems the charms will be an ADDITION to the packs, they will not replace any shopkins in the pack. So you’ll still get 5 shopkins or 12 shopkins PLUS the charms/bracelet.

Check out the complete list of Season 5 Shopkins

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