Shopkins Season 5 Available Packs

Shopkins Season 5 Available Packs

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Even more new Shopkins Season 5 news. It looks like the initial release for Season 5 will be 12-Packs, 5-packs, 2-Packs, cases and The Mega Pack. We will update this page with product information and what they all contain when they become available. As of right now the only one we haven’t seen yet is the 2-pack. Check the rest out below! Shopkins Season 5 available packs are expected to hit the shelves at Walmart, Target, Toys-R-Us and Amazon in the next few weeks. (May 1st, 2015 US only).

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Shopkins Season 5 Available Packs

Shopkins Season 5:  Cases (30 2-Packs)

Blind bags galore! Shopkins Season 5 Cases contains 30, 2-Packs for 60 total Shopkins. Cases are often displayed on youtube toy videos and offer you the best chance at getting those rare Shopkins. Being that this years cases contain 2 backpacks you’ll also pick up 60 Petkins Collect & Connect Backpacks!

Shopkins Season 5 Available Packs

The Shopkins Season 5 Cases are available now on Amazon

Shopkins Season 5:  12-Packs

The 12-Packs for Season 5 will contain 10 visible Shopkins with 1 hidden inside. As a bonus it also will include 2 Shopkins Charms and 2 Petkin Backpacks. The 12 packs are often the staple of all Shopkins products. You can’t go wrong with these!

shopkins season 5 12 pack

Order Shopkins Season 5 12-Packs on Amazon now!

Shopkins Season 5:  5-Packs

The 5-Packs for Season 5 will contain 4 visible Shopkins with 1 hidden inside and as a bonus it’ll come with 1 Charm and 1 bracelet to connect to the charms. It also will contain 1 collect and connect Petkin Backpack

Shopkins Season 5 5-Pack

Get your Shopkins Season 5 – 5-Packs on Amazon

Shopkins Season 5 – Mega Packs

The Season 5 Mega Packs will contain 20 Shopkins (2 visible the rest hidden inside) and includes 4 Petkin Backpacks (two visible) The Mega packs are always the best bang for your buck as far as price vs the amount of Shopkins you get. Love it!

shopkins season 5 mega pack

Check out the Shopkins Season 5 Mega Packs on Amazon

Shopkins Season 5:  2-Packs

The 2-Packs for Season 5, like always, will contain 2 hidden Shopkins but this time instead of being inside a shopping basket or crate they’ll be hidden inside two BONUS Petkins Backpacks! This makes the new Season 5 2 packs a HUGE value!

Shopkins Season 5 - 2 Pack

Shop for the Shopkins Season 5 – 2-Packs on Amazon

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