Shopkins Limited Edition List

Shopkins Limited Edition List

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In Moose Toy’s, Shopkins World, Shopville. The Limited Edition Shopkins are the prize catch. Limited Edition Shopkins are the most sought after and by far the hardest to obtain with only a small amount of these produced each season, which can be found anywhere worldwide making them extremely rare and valuable. Some Shopkins Season 1 Limited Editions have been known to go for well over $1000 on auction sites!  Below you will find our Shopkins Limited Edition List

Check out the latest Shopkins Season 1 Limited Editions on eBay.

9206297Each season 6 Limited Edition Shopkins become available having their own unique finish and comes with a custom tag including it’s ID #, telling us what number the limited edition is out of how many were made.

It’s been widely rumored in the past that limited editions can only be found in certain packs and various guides to them have been released. But Moose Toys has since confirmed, they can be found in 5-packs, 12-packs, and 2-packs.

Below you’ll find a complete list of all the available Limited Edition Shopkins you can collect.


Cupcake Queen, the rarest Limited Edition of them all.

Shopkins Limited Edition List – Season 1
The Season One Limited Edition Shopkins have a metallic finish:

Shopkins Limited Edition List – Season 2
The Season Two Limited Editions Shopkins have a bling finish:

Shopkins Limited Edition List – Season 3
The Season Three Limited Edition Shopkins, “Cool Jewels” have a translucent finish:

Shopkins Limited Edition List – Season 4
The Season Four Limited Edition Shopkins, “Perfume Pretties”, also are translucent:

Shopkins Limited Edition List – Season 5
The Season Five Limited Edition Shopkins, “Tiny Toys”,  are metallic, translucent, and regular:

  • Blocky (2500 made) – available on eBay
  • Fortune Stella (250 made) – available on eBay
  • Lynne Spring (500 made) – available on eBay
  • Paula Puzzle (100 made) – available on eBay
  • Spinderella (5000 made) – available on eBay
  • Yolanda Yo-Yo (1000 made) – available on eBay



Gemma Stone sold for $21,000 USD
Gemma Stone
Gemma Stone was a specially made, one of a kind Shopkin made entirely out of crystal. Moose Toys made only 1 of her in the world and she was auctioned online for charity, all the proceeds went to the Toy Industry Foundation to give toys to less fortunate children. Gemma Stone eventually sold for a whopping $21,000 USD. Gemma Stone is not associated to any team, season and has not been seen on any other Shopkins cartoons or products.

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