Shopkins Best Sellers On Amazon 2016

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Looking for the top selling Shopkins products? We found them! The 2016 Shopkins season is in full swing and we have gathered up the current best selling Shopkins on Amazon for the new year. Enjoy!

Shopkins Season 4 Best Seller

Shopkins Season 4 – 12 Pack
Shopkins Season 4 – 12 Pack
Currently the #1 selling Shopkins product and reaching high ranks on Amazons Best Selling Toys List for all toys, the Shopkins Season 4 -12 pack is where it all begins. The most commonly sought out and purchased Shopkins pack, the 12 pack contains 10 visible Season 4 Shopkins, with 2 hidden inside (1 of them a chance to be an extremely rare Limited Edition) and contains 1 of the new stack and display cases.
Shopkins Season 3 – 12 Pack
While Season 4 is in full force, there is still a huge demand from collectors for Season 3. Again, we introduce the Shopkins Season 3 – 12 Pack. Like the 4th season, the season 3 – 12 pack was king of the Shopville world. Containing 10 visible Shopkins, 2 hidden Shopkins inside (look out for Special Edition Polished Pearl Shopkins and the possibility of a Limited Edition.) And 1 shopping basket.
Shopkins Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck
The Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck was the hottest seller last summer and is still going strong. One of the most unique Shopkins playsets of them all, the Scoops Ice Cream Truck comes with a mobile ice cream truck, an umbrella stand to eat your tasty treats, 2 exclusive creamy Shopkins and 2 exclusive bags.
One of our favorite Shopkins themed playsets. The So Cool Fridge is packed with lots of fun. It comes with a ‘so cool’ fridge with shelving, drawers a working push pop and drop ice dispenser, 2 exclusive Shopkins, a side door egg cart containing 6 super cute Mini Shopkins Eggs and 35 stickers to decorate the fridge! This playset is by far one of the best bang for your bucks and will produce hours, upon hours of fun.
Shopkins Season 4 Mega Pack
The Shopkins Mega Packs or what we like to call them, Shopkins Booster/Starter Packs. Will certainly give your collection a nice boost! The Shopkins Season 4 Mega Pack comes with 20 of your favorite season 4 Shopkins, 6 shopping bags and 1 purple shopping basket. We love the Mega Pack as it’s great for those just starting out looking to sink their teeth into Shopkins for the first time and for seasoned veterans looking for that big boost to their collection. The Shopkins Season 4 Mega Packs may also contain Limited Edition Shopkins! Good luck!

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