New Shopkins Shoppies: Rainbow Kate, Sara Sushi, Pam Cake

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Shopkins Shoppies Pam CakeRainbow KateShopkins Shoppies Sara Sushi


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UPDATE: The three new Shopkins Shoppies seem to have had a limited release and are starting to appear at Target, Walmart and online! It seems the official release date is still June 1st.

Online Preorders On Amazon: Sara Sushi, Pam Cake, and Rainbow Kate

It was revealed at the NY Toy Fair that there will be 3 new Shoppies set to release in 2016. Rainbow Kate, Sara Sushi and Pam (Pamela) Cake. While they did show off the new Shoppies, we were told they are early in design and these were just prototypes and not the finished product. We can’t wait to see these brand new Shopkins Shoppies  ( dolls!

We’ll post more images of each of the 3 new dolls as soon as they become available. Keep an eye out for Sara Sushi and her sushi purse, Pamela Cake and her pancake shoes and Rainbow Kate and her wild rainbow hair!

No word yet if they will be a continuation of the Season 2 Shoppies which included Peppa-Mint and Donatina or if this will start season 3. Stay tuned.

All 3 of the dolls recently appeared on Targets websites but were unavailable to order, they have been since completely removed from the website. We assume Target listed them much earlier than expected. Good news is this means it won’t be much longer at all until we can get our hands on Pam Cake, Rainbow Kate and Sara Sushi, the three newest Shopkins Shoppies. Stay tuned for release dates!

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