Grossery Gang In Stores July 2016

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Moose Toys is set to release a new collectible toy in the summer of 2016: The Grossery Gang! “Your Shoppin’s Gone Rotten!

The Grossery Gang

The Grossery Gang

The Grossery Gang is a brand new line of collectible toys from Moose Toys (makers of Shopkins) and has an expected release date of July 2016. They come from the same world as the Trash Pack and contains a line of gross and moldy food types such as Gross Greasies, Quick Bites, Awful Sauces, Scummy Sodas, Stinky Snacks and Mouldy Veg.

The 2-packs will be sold in a “Crusty Chocolate Bar” case, much like the shopping baskets for Shopkins 2-packs. There are over 150 Grossery Gang’s to collect across 6 different teams including a variety of rarities such as common, uncommon, rare, ultra trade, special edition and limited edition.


  • Gross Greasies
  • Sour Dairy
  • Moldy Veg
  • Barf-Room Supplies
  • Half Baked Bakery
  • Sticky Sweets
  • Awful Sauces
  • Stinky Snacks
  • Badly Frozen
  • Scummy Sodas


  • Icky Mart
  • Slurpee
  • Collector’s Cup

These adorably gross toys will be available in stores July 2016. Be sure to like bookmark our site, and LIKE our Facebook page to keep up on the news and information about all of the products from Moose Toys, such as Shopkins, Twosies, and The Grossery Gang!

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