Shopkins Top 2015 Toy Sales In America

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Moose Toys, Shopkins Brand Logo

Moose Toys, Shopkins brand is officially the top selling toy in America for 2015 according to Fortune. Even with stiff competition from the new Star Wars lines, Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels, Minecraft, and Barbies. Shopkins still came out on top, becoming even more popular with both young girls and boys.

Shopkins Season 3, 12-Pack was the #1 selling toy for the year, while the 2-Pack held down the fourth bestseller slot. The toy industry as a whole saw one of it’s best years ever and had a growth sale increase of 6.7%. A nice portion of that is in thanks to Shopkins.

With Shopkins Season 4 being released at the peak of the holiday season in 2015, we wouldn’t be surprised if Shopkins came out on top again in 2016. The 4th Shopkins installment has only been out a short month and already is popping up on top 10 sales lists from various outlets such as Amazons Toys Best Sellers Lists.

Moose Toys, Shopkins roared onto the toy scene in June 2014 and ever since, as left all other toy brands in the dust without any indication of slowing down anytime soon.

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