Shopkins Season 5 Release Date: News, Rumors And Teams

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Shopkins Season 5 Release Date

Shopkins Season 5 Promo Box

Shopkins Season 5 5-Pack

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UPDATE :Buy Shopkins Season 5 now! Shopkins Season 5 – 12 Packs  AND 5 Packs  ARE HERE! Season 5 has released and available NOW!

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According to various retail outlets, including Target and recently in a Season 5 review video by Cookie Swirl C. Shopkins Season 5 will be in stores May 1st, 2016!

Shopkins Season 5 Release Date: We could see Shopkins Season 5 (Amazon prices) out this summer. The 4th season was just released and already the rumor mills for Moose Toys, Shopkins Season 5 release date is spinning. Before we get too crazy, let’s take a look at some previous season trends and why we can most likely expect Shopkins Season 5 to be released in June, 2016.

According to various retail outlets, including Target and recently in a Season 5 review video by Cookie Swirl C. Season 5 will be in stores May 1st!

6 Months Between Previous Seasons
Season 1 was released back in June 2014, Season 2 rolled out in December 2014, giving it 6 months between it’s release. The same thing happened with Season 2 to 3 and again from season 3 to the current season 4. This is the biggest factor that we will most likely see Shopkins Season 5 this summer, most likely in June.

Shopkins Season’s Release Dates:

Season 1: June 2014
Season 2: December 2014
Season 3: June 2015
Season 4: December 2015
Season 5: May 1st, 2016
New Teams And Themes:

As with all seasons, we expect Season 5 to introduce new teams and themes. In season 4 we were introduced to Petkins, a team we think will not be continued on into the 5th season due to their takeover of season 4 and overall were not as well received as we all had liked them to be. A few rumors that we have come across for Shopkins Season 5 team ideas are a Meat or Deli Team (steaks, cold cuts, ham.) And a stronger connection with the very popular Shoppies dolls. Quite possibly we could see an expansion of the fashion themes, various shops related to the Shoppies dolls and the mobile game, “Welcome to Shopville.”
shopkins season 5 bailey baseball glove

Electric Blue – Bailey Baseball Glove

UPDATED: Shopkins Season 5 Complete Team List:

We now know Shopkins Season 5 will contain Bakery, Music, Garden, Charms, Sports, Tech and Sweet Treats as Teams. There will also be new finishes for the special edition like Electric Glow! The charms team will also represent retro Shopkins and will be many popular Shopkins from previous seasons you can no longer get.

Shopkins Collect And Connect Petkins Backpacks

UPDATE 4/16/2016: It looks like Petkins will return in Season 5 but as backpacks to carry shopkins! They are being labeled Collect and Connect Petkin Backpacks and will at least appear in the Season 5 Mega Pack and we assume others too! We also learned from the photo their will be a new Sports Team and a cool Wishing Well Shopkins.

BREAKING NEWS: While it has not been confirmed by Moose Toys yet, 4 Season 5 products have hit the DPCI Scanners at Target and are indicating a possible May 1st Release Date!

Shopkins Season 5 Initial Release Products DPCI #s (Target scan codes):

Season 5 2-pack: 086-02-3639
Season 5 5-Pack: 086-02-3640
Season 5 12-Pack: 086-02-3641
Season 5 Mega Pack: 086-02-3642
We also expect Shopkins Fashion Spree Sets: Frosty Collection, Gym Fashion, Style Me Wardrobe, Halloween Surprise and more to be available as playsets for Season 5.

When products become available we will add links to them and availability.

shopkins season 5 12 pack

Shopkins Season 5 – 12 pack

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