Shopkins Season 4 Released In Stores Now; New Teams And Packs

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Shopkins Season 4 Release Date

Shopkins Season 4 Release
Shopkins Season 4 has been released in stores now! All packs available, including 2,12, Mega Packs and more!

Shopkins Season 4 is now available! Shopkins Season 4 has been released as of December 18th, 2015 in the US. With a release date of December 20th in Canada. Check your local big box stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys-R-Us. You can also find them online on Amazon

Updated with available products – 1/8/2016

BREAKING NEWS: Shopkins Season 5 and 6 confirmed:
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Shopkins Season 4 is just around the corner and it’s going to be amazing!  Just how amazing? With the expected December 2015 release date, Season 4 of Shopkins is expected to go all out for the holiday season. Can you say limited edition Christmas themed Shopkins anyone?

Here is what we know so far on Season 4. It still has a estimated release date of December 2015, just in time for Christmas. And if it’s anything like Season 3 and 2, it’ll be exclusive to Toys R Us for a few months, this includes the holidays so getting your hands on the new season might be a little bit tricky for the holidays. This could mean high resale prices on auction websites such as E-Bay or various other sales outlets. As with the previous seasons, Shopkins Season 4 is expected to introduce new teams. One of the most likely of options and highly popular choice is Shopkins pets! Could we see puppies, kittens and more in our Shopkins Season 4? We can’t wait to find out!

And of course Season 4 will introduce an new theme color. Again, this is not set in stone here but the popular choice and most talked about theme color for Season 4 is pink. Keep checking back as we gather more information on Shopkins Season 4 and be sure to check out all the other news, reviews and more at Toy Box Chest.

Shopkins Season 4 On Amazon

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 Update 12/17/2015Shopkins Season 4 will officially be released in the USA  December 18th 2015, some Target and Wal-Mart stores have actually already released them. In Australia it would appear they have already been released at Coles and Season 4 will become available in Canada December 20th 2015. Check out our First Look At Shopkins Season 4 update.

No word yet as far as a UK release date, stay tuned.

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 Below is the complete Team List for Season 4. The limited editions this season will be Perfumes, they will also be introducing 4 completely new teams. The Petkins (48 in total!), Party Time and Garden Shopkins, and the Petshop Team. Shopkins Season 4 will also introduce a new stack and display case only available in 12-packs!


Limited Edition (Perfume Pretties)
Fruit & Veg
Party Time

Shopkins Food Fair Cans

 Season 4 Updates (1/8/2016)

Now that Season 4 has been released and available in stores, here are some exciting updates.

There are now numerous new Playsets being released including The Candy Collection and The Season 4, So Cool Metallic Fridge Set. There are also new ways to collect your Shopkins including the two new 2-packs for Food Fair and Fashion Spree Shopkins and the new Mega Pack. 

On Top of that, Moose Toys has introduced the 2nd season of Shopkins Shoppies! Both Peppa-Mint and Donatina are now available in stores, both containing a VIP card used to unlock Shopkins via the Shopkins mobile app, Welcome to Shopville. The original 3 Shoppies dolls were a huge success, we can’t expect anything less from the two new members of the Shopville Team.

Availability For Season 4

Can’t find Shopkins Season 4 in your area? While the new season has been officially released and launched nationwide, many retailers have yet to get them out and onto their shelves, especially with the busy retail season going on. We just recently found some ourselves at Target while both our local Wal-Marts and Toys-R-Us had yet to put them out/receive them.

If you are having troubles finding Shopkins in your area, check out our post on where to find season 4 including online

What Season 4 Shopkins Products/Packs Are Available To Buy?

Shopkins Season 4 12 Pack

 Shopkins Season 4 – 12 Pack
The most popular of them all, the Shopkins Season 4 12 pack. Is the staple of Shopkins products across all season. The 12 pack is usually the best bang for your buck, containing always at least 1 Ultra-Rare (a Petkin this season) and comes with the brand new stack and display case.

Shopkins Season 4 5 Pack

 Shopkins Season 4 – 5 pack
The Shopkins Season 4 5 pack is a great and affordable way to add a nice little boost to your Shopkins Collection. The 5 pack also includes another new Season 5 container, the Petkins pink pet carrying bag.

Shopkins Season 4 2-Pack

 Shopkins Season 4 – 2 Pack

The most affordable of them all and often the most exciting to open, The Shopkins Season 4 2 packs, also known as a blind bag are a very popular Shopkins pack choice. These packs contain 2 hidden Shopkins inside a basket, keeping it a complete surprise who you’ll get until opened. The 2 packs are very popular on YouTube channels, often being opened in huge quantities due to their affordable price and fun factor. Who will be lucky enough to pull a Limited Edition out from one these!?2-Packs Are also Available in a Case of 30 and Shopkins Season 4 Fashion Spree

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 Shopkins Season 4 – Mega Pack

The Season 4 Mega Pack, next to a case is the largest quantity pack you can buy. Action packed with 20 Shopkins, 6 shoppings bags and 1 shopping basket. The Mega Pack is the perfect edition to really make a jump in your Shopkins collection. Perfect for starting out or making a huge boost to your Season 4 collection.

All Shopkins Season 4 Products are now available online on Amazon

Want more? Check out, Disney Car Toys Petkins Reveal Video below!

Update 2/2/2016: Shopkins Season 5 is coming!

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