Shopkins Season 4 Mystery Edition?

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Shopkins Season 4 is running wild but shortly before their release, a mystic mystery box had all the Shopkins fans talking. By far one of the biggest collectibles and most popular item from the Shopkins World was/is the Season 3, neon Shopkins Mystery Edition. The Mystery Edition was an exclusive set of 40 neon Shopkins that was released to Target stores back in November 2015. With the hash tag #SPKWhatsInside Moose Toys gave us hints and clues to what was inside the Mystery Box up until their release were they immediately became sold out at all available Targets and online.

Target simply could not keep up with the demand and a few short months later The Mystery Edition seemingly can no longer be found besides online retailers who happened to snatch some up such as ebay and a few Amazon stores. Target has been out of stock for over a month with no sign of restocking. Needless to say, The Shopkins Mystery Edition was a big deal.

Check for availability on eBay.

That brings us to Shopkins Season 4 that was recently released and running strong. One would have to say with the overall success of the fist Mystery Box. We would have to expect a Shopkins Season 4 Mystery Edition down the road right? We recently reached out to Moose Toys for any hints and await their reply.

Should a Season 4 Mystery Edition Box become available this season, one would think they would also spice up the finish of them as well. In Season 3 we saw the neon exclusive, one that many thought would also glow in the dark including us here at Toy Box Chest. Will we finally get glow in the dark Shopkins should the Season 4 Mystery Edition grace us with its presence sometime this year? We hope to find out soon!

If Moose Toys does indeed release a Season 4 Mystery Edition, what type of finish would you like to see them in? Comment Below!

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