Shopkins Season 4 Food Fair Complete Checklist

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The Shopkins Season 4 Food Fair 2-Packs are available now and we have rounded up the complete shopping list/collectors guide check list for the new Food Fair collection! The Season 4 Food Fair Collection is only available via the Food Fair 2-Packs and not attainable from regular Season 4 Shopkins.

There are 30 Season 4 Food Fair Shopkins, each with an alternate color for 60 total to collect, plus the limited edition Bling D’lish Donut.

Food Fair Checklist


  • Wishes
  • Ice-cream Dream
  • Cherry Churro
  • Fifi Fruit Tart
  • Kooky Cookie
  • Lammy
  • Millie Shake
  • Banana Splitty
  • Flutter Cake
  • Macca Roon
  • Patty Cake
  • Pamela Pancake
  • Jelly B
  • Minnie Mintie
  • Croissant
  • Cheese Louise
  • Canay Apple
  • Soda Pops
Food Fair Checklist


  • Rainbow Bite
  • Lolli Poppins
  • Cream E Cookie
  • Wanda Wafer
  • Waffle Sue
  • Fairy Crumbs
  • Wobbles
  • Le’Quorice
  • Birthday Betty
  • Choco Lava
  • Nilla Slice
  • Bubbles

                 Limited Edition

  • Bling D’Lish Donut


The Season 4 Food Fair Collect 2-Pack is available on Amazon

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