Shopkins Season 4 Cupcake Queen Cafe Playset

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 The infamous Season 1 limited edition, Cupcake Queen is back! And this time it’s with her own fancy cafe with Season 4’s Cupcake Queen Cafe Playset.

The Cupcake Queen Cafe come with 2 exclusive Shopkins, both tasty treats which appear to be a cake and a cupcake. (not the queen herself) It also comes with a treats display case for all your bakery Shopkins, a glittery cupcake stand, 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 exclusive cake boxes and a display board to show off your delicious treats menu.

This tasty little cafe is is perfect for any Shopkins fan craving some sweets and pairs perfectly with The Shopkins Bakery Playset

The new Season 4 Cupcake Queen Cafe is available at Toys-R-Us and online at Amazon.


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