New Shopkins Fashion Spree Tropical Collection

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Shopkins Fashion Spree Tropical Collection

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 A new Fashion spree set is now available! Introducing the Shopkins Fashion Spree Tropical Collection!

The new Tropical Collection is part of Shopkins Season 5 Fashion Spree sets and comes with 8 exclusive Shopkins including a pina colada, a flower, a pineapple, a volcano and more! Once we know their official names we will post the below. The Shopkins Fashion Spree Tropical Collection also comes with an ultra colorful Hula Hut! Not to mention, the detail and colors on these tropical edition Shopkins is fantastic!

UPDATE: Shopkins Tropical Collection is now available On! Which includes these exclusive Shopkins: Heidi Hibiscus, Frosty-Shaved Ice, Flippy, Floppy, Li’l Ukelele, Hula Hips, Sonya Sunhat, Pineapple Sips, an incredibly colorful Hulu Hut and 2 stools! We are completely in love with this new set, the new vibrant two-tone colors make these Shopkins looks absolutely stunning! By far the best looking thus far. We know increasingly away the release of the other new Fashion Spree sets such as The Frosty Collection and Style Me Wardrobe!

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Shopkins Fashion Spree Tropical Box

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