My Shopkins List: Official Collectors List App Now Available

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Moose Toys has released ‘My Shopkins List’ the official interactive Shopkins collectors guide app for iOS and Android devices. The official Shopkins checklist app allows you to check off all your Shopkins Seasons 1-4 and scroll through Shopkins you don’t have allowing you to add them to a wishlist by checking ‘I WANT.’

My Shopkins List is by far the easiest way to track all your Shopkins with a simple touch and swipe interface, complete with images, ID #’s, Season, Team, Finish, Rarity and even what types of packs the Shopkins can be found in! And best of all, it’s complete FREE!

Moose Toys, My Shopkins List requires an Apple mobile devices running 6.0 iOS or later or an Android device running 3.2 on up.

Apple iOS Mobile Devices
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