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 One of the most popular fan made Shopkins photos on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are glow in the dark Shopkins, also known as Glowkins.

Glowkins are simply created using many of the translucent Shopkins (Season 3 has a bunch, many of the neon Mystery Edition Shopkins or most of the frozen food team works) and putting them under a black light. You can also simply turn down the lights and set them on top of any of the Shopkins Micro Lites, making them illuminate as well.

For now the glow and the dark Glowkins are just Shopkins fan made but we wouldn’t be too surprised if Moose Toys has something cooking in this department for a future official release. Back in the fall when the Shopkins Mystery Edition hype train was rolling out, it was widely rumored that they would be glow in the dark Shopkins. In the end we ended up with neon finish Shopkins. While they look like they would glow in the dark, they sadly did not. (This is of course unless you put them under a black light)

With Season 4 and the Petkins running its course now, we surely can expect a few new waves of Shopkins before the launch of Season 5 (rumored to be out this summer) Last Season we got the Mystery Edition and Shopkins Shoppies. Will we finally see an official appearance of the glow in the dark Glowkins? We’ll keep our eyes peeled and see if we can get Moose Toys to shed some “light” on the situation.

Stay tuned!

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