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Looking where to buy Season 4 Shopkins? We hear ya! We have been crying out “where can I get Season 4 Shopkins!?” all week! Now to those of you becoming flustered, hopefully we can help. First of all, as of writing this, Season 4 Shopkins are indeed available in US stores and online. With a launch date of December 20th in Canada. The hard part is actually finding them on the shelves! (or if they have even put them on the shelves at your local stores yet!) We have had reports of them being available at various Wal-Marts, Kholes, Target, and Toys-R-Us.

With Christmas just around the corner, shipping, sales, and day to day operations in retail are a little bit crazy. So while they may be on the shelves at one Target or Wal-Mart, they may not be on the shelves at another location. The reason simply being due to the busy holiday season. They may still be in transit to the store with expected delays this time of year, the store has them and has yet to put them out on the shelves due to being so busy, or possibly the orders themselves to the stores are backed up/delayed.

Shopkins Series 4 Toy Figure (5 Pack)

Shopkins Series 4 Toy Figure (12 Pack)

Unfortunately for many of us, including our local stores, it’s a waiting game. While the busy season progresses on the best we can do is keep checking those shelves or grabbing them at online retail stores such as Amazon. After the initial launch and as the holiday season passes we expect most big box stores to be fully stocked and we will being to start seeing them available in many other stores that’s carried previous season such as K-Mart, Hot Topic, Claires, and other retail stores.

Have you been lucky enough to buy Shopkins Season 4 in stores? Leave a comment below and let others know where at!

Happy Season 4 Shopping!

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