What’s Next For Moose Toys Shopkins Brand?

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When Season 1 of Shopkins was released in June 2014, who would have thought these cute little food items would take the entire toy collection world by storm? And take over they did. In 2015, Shopkins has beat out the likes of toy behemoths Barbie, LEGO and Disney Princesses for Girls Toy of the Year and expected to have an outstanding holiday toy sales report to boot.

Fast forward from June 2014 Moose Toys and it’s Shopkins brand went full steam ahead with no signs of stopping. Releasing now it’s 4th season of Shopkins, 4 Shopkins Shoppies dolls, numerous playsets, clothing, toiletries, activity books, cartoons, snap bracelets, LEGO style kinstructions, a mobile application game, and this list goes on and on. We even saw Shopkins Christmas Bauble’s this holiday season!

With Season 4 officially out the door, the next big question is where does Moose Toys go from here? They have already made it to the top, how do they continue to push the top off  We already fully expect the Shoppies Dolls to continue to grow and branch off into their own domain. When the Shopkins Shoppies were released back in october, you more than likely ended up just finding a empty shelf with the names Bubbleisha, Popette, and Jessicake underneath it at any big box store that sold them. Now with the release of Peppa-Mint and Donatina as part of the Series 2 of Shoppies, the hype train is bound to repeat itself all over again.

Buy what about the actual Shopkins themselves? What’s bound to come with the inevitable Season 5? One things for sure, the quality can only get better. To those of you who have been lucky enough to get your hands on the 4th Season of Shopkins, take a look at them side by side compared to the earlier season. The coloring, detail, everything about them screams bigger and better. Moose Toys certainly isn’t going for quantity over quality, in fact it’s the exact opposite.


 Shopkins Season 5 is more than likely a good 6+ months away, sometime in the summer of 2016 if Moose keeps to the previous release dates. And with it, we are certain be amazed yet again. New teams, new colors, new limited editions, and all the bells and whistles wrapped into the new playsets that go along with the season’s theme. The list goes on and on and we for one are ready for the ride.

So what holds for the future of Shopkins? For now, we can only use our imagination, but somewhere in Victoria, Australia at Moose Toys HQ. There are prototypes and spread sheets waiting to become a reality for us to gobble up! Oh, and one last thing. Moose Toys, don’t keep us waiting too long on the eventual full feature Shopkins film. It’s only a matter of time!

What would you like to see from Shopkins in the future? Comment below!

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