Shopkins Toy Review: Season 3 Case

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Looking to seriously upgrade your Season 3 Shopkins? Maybe do a Shopkins un-boxing video on YouTube? The Season 3 case of 30 Shopkins Basket is the way to do it! Now that we are well into Season 4, it’s safe to assume like Season 1 and now 2, that the 3rd season will soon no longer be available in stores and become a hot collectors item.

A birthday must, these Shopkins cases are a super exciting way to add to your collection. With 30 baskets included, 2 Shopkins per basket you are looking at 60 Shopkins total and a cool display case for safe keeping!

A full factory sealed case of 30 Shopkins Baskets for Season 3, containing 60 random Shopkins is available on Amazon and includes FREE Shipping. How many Rares will you get? How Many Ultra-Rares? Be sure to grab yours at the link below as supplies for Season 3 are going fast!

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