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Petkins Checklist

One of the newest editions to the upcoming Season 4 Shopkins are the Petkins. All of the Ultra-Rare’s in season 4 will be Petkins. Some of the Petkins are, Big Topping, Jingle Purse, Bobby Sock and Earring Twins. The addition of the Petkins comes with some controversy as well. Most Shopkins fans are rather split on them. Some say there are just too many of them and that they hog all the Ultra-Rare slots. While some are confused as to why they are even called Petkins. They do have an animal appearance to them but, they are in fact, not really a pet but a food product with an animal twist to it.

Along with the Petkins, Shopkins Season 4 will also introduce Party Time Shopkins, Pet Shop Shopkins and Garden Shopkins. Season 4 Shopkins are due out late December in the USA and January in the UK and Australia.

What are your thoughts on Shopkins Season 4 and the addition of the Petkins? Love them? Like them? Hate them? Unsure? Comment below!


Shopkins Season 4 Petkins Collectors Guide

Season 4 Petkins Complete Guide List:


  • Jilly Jam
  • Tracey Tomato
  • Shy Pie / Cherry Pie
  • Milk Bud
  • Tubby Butter
  • Hot Choc
  • Big Topping
  • Mabel Syrup
  • Ice Cream Cup
  • Bobby Sock
  • Jingle Purse
  • Earring Twins
  • Egg Chic


  • Comfy Cushion
  • Rita Remote
  • Drips
  • Burt House
  • Jade Spade
  • Bone-adette
  • Waggy Tag
  • Fish Flake Jake
  • Dinky Drink
  • Flicker Candle
  • Whistle Wilma

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