Shopkins Season 4 New Food Fair Candy Collection

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 The Shopkins Season 4 train just keeps on going! A new reveal for this seasons Food Fair collection has just been released and it’s The Candy Collection!

The Shopkins Food Fair Candy Collection comes with 8 exclusive Shopkins: Bottle Pop, Jelly Snake, Marshmallow Twirl, Berry Sweet Lolly, Tootsie Cutie, Mandy Candy Corn, Yummy Gummi Ring, and Wrapper. The playset also includes a Pick ‘N’ Mix showcase allowing you to display 2 Shopkins, 1 scoop and 1 scale.

Shopkins Season 4 is available now in stores and online. But the, new Candy Collection Food Fair and other Season 4 playsets have yet to appear in stores. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The Shopkins Food Fair Collection is now available online at Amazon!


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