Shopkins Season 4 Glitzi Collectors Case With 8 Exclusive Shopkins

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Glitzi Collectors Case

 Introducing the all new Shopkins Glitzi Collector’s Case. This official Shopkins case comes with 8 Season 4 glitzi exclusive Shopkins and can hold up to 60+ of your favorite Shopkins friends!

This stack and display carrying case allows maximum capacity for all your Shopkins and even has flip shelves for extra storage and Shopkins stickers allowing you to customize your own unique case design! The case measures 11.6 x 11.0 x 11.9 and includes a carrying handle for portability.

Shopkins Season 4 Glitzi Collector’s Case Available ONLINE

Shopkins Season 4 Glitzi Case

 Looking for more on the Glitzi Collector Case? Check out CookieSwirlC’s review video below!

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