Shopkins Season 4 Garden Team

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 As Season 4 is starting to release, today we introduce the new Garden Shopkins! The Garden Team is 1 of 4 new Teams in Season 4 along side The Petkins, Petshop and Party Time Shopkins.

The Garden Team Shopkins consists of mostly common shopkins and a couple rares, Pheobe Fork and Will Barrow. Each of them having their own alternate colors. While there are only a short amount of the Garden Team Shopkins (6 with each their own alternate colors making 12 total) they are some of the cutest and most unique looking of Season 4 in our opinion!

Garden Team
Peta Plant
Tiny Tree
Will Barrow
Pheobe Fork

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we will be showing off the new Party Time Shopkins!

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