Shopkins Season 4 Food Fair & Fashion Spree Available In 2-Packs

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It looks like the season 4 collection of the Shopkins Food Fair and Fashion Spree (labeled as Season 2) will also be available via 2-pack blind bags! We stumbled across these photos on Moose Toys official website under new products. The Fashion Spree comes in your typical Shopkins basket (purple) while the Food Fair come in a new stack and display canister! Each contain 2 Shopkins (either Food Fair or Fashion Spree), and a collectors guide.

The display boxes also indicate that you can get an exclusive limited edition from each kind. The Food Fair has a limited edition Bling D’Lish Donut, while the Fashion Spree limited edition is a Bling Beverly Heels.

Shopkins Season 4 is currently in stores now and online.

Food Fair and Fashion Spree Available Online:

Food Fair 2- packs NOW Available

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