Shopkins Season 4 Available In Stores And Online

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The Shopkins Season 4 hype train is running full steam ahead. Some stores already have them while some don’t. We have heard that Target, Walmart, Khol’s (rumor has it accidentally released some back in September) and Toys-R-Us have all had Season 4 in stock in some areas, while those exact same stores in other areas don’t have them.

Why the limited release? We are not entirely sure. Toys-R-Us originally gave a December 18th release date and while we have heard nothing from big box stores like Walmart and Target, some of their locations have them. It is entirely possible that the Season 4 Shopkins were either shipped out to these store in advanced for promotion testing or they were simply just accidentally put on the shelves earlier than Moose Toys had expected.

Either way, the great Season 4 hunt is defiantly on! With 4 new Teams including Petkins, Pet Shop, Garden and Party Time Shopkins. This season is looking to break the mold of the previous seasons and in our opinion, that’s a great thing. Even if there are just a few too many Petkins!

Shopkins Series 4 Toy Figure (2 Pack)_ Toys & Games

For those of you Shopkin Shoppers hunting online, they are now slowly becoming available through outlets on Amazon. No matter your method of collecting, Season 4 of Moose Toys Shopkins will certainly be a hot commodity through the winter of 2016, especially those trying to get their hands on this seasons limited edition Perfume Pretties!

Looking For Season 4 online? Check out the links below:

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