Shopkins Season 4 Available At Toys-R-Us December 18th

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Toys-R-Us released some information on Shopkins Season 4 release dates on their Facebook page! Keep in mind these dates are always subject to change and are exclusive to Toys-R-Us as they usually get the new Shopkins products before anyone else. It also seems they are rolling things out on different dates as well. However, all dates are before Christmas to those looking to get a hold of some before the Holidays.

Note: These are US only dates.

Shopkins Season 4 Release Dates At Toys-R-Us:

  • Shoppies Series 2 Playset – 12/15
  • Season 4 5-Pack – 12/18
  • Season 4 12-Pack – 12/18
  • Shopkins Collector Case – 12/18
  • Season 4 Mega Pack – 12/20
  • Season 4 Baskets 12/20


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