Shopkins Season 1 Becoming Huge Collectors Items

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Looking where to buy Shopkins Season 1? They haven’t been available in stores for awhile now, but still have a large demand for them. Making them quite the hot collectors items. The main reason for this, is the extremely rare and valuable limited editions that came with season 1

and the small amount of them made. Most notable, the extremely popular and elusive Cupcake Queen.The Season one limited edition Shopkins have a metallic finish and only a small amount were made and are as follows:

Cupcake Queen (100 made)
Buttercup (250 made)
Tin’a’Tuna (500 made)
Twinky Winks (1,000 made)
Papa Tomato (2,500 made)
Sunny Screen (5,000 made)

If you’ve been looking to buy Season 1 Shopkins, you can still get them in a variety of different packs on Amazon, however supplies are limited as season 1 is no longer being made or available in retail stores!

Season 1 Shopkins Still Available To Buy:
Shopkins Season 1 (12-Pack) (Styles Will Vary) – One of the best shots at a season 1 limited edition
Shopkins Shopping Basket Season 1: Case of 30 – A small amount of these very rare cases are left on Amazon.
Shopkins Shopping Basket -Season 1 – Great if you want a couple Season 1 bling bags
Shopkins Season 1 Value Pack – 9 Shopkins, 5 Bags and 2 Baskets – Best bang for your season 1 bucks!

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